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Grace Episcopal In a Nutshell

Grace Episcopal Alexandria, toxic church – Calling members “domestic terrorists” – Bullying – Lying – Trying to drag a dying woman into court – Suing members – Deliberately misusing funds – Breaching pastoral confidentiality – Disclosing confidential giving – Clergy calling members “sick, twisted, dysfunctional” – Welcoming an alleged child molester – Urging people to commit suicide –… Read More »

Bob Malm: Witness Tampering?

The issue of witness tampering is, of course, in the news these days following Mueller’s announcement that Paul Manafort may be attempting to improperly influence witnesses. How did Mueller did this? By allegedly sending encrypted texts via Whatsapp trying to get in touch with witnesses in an apparent effort to influence their testimony. That raises the question, “Have… Read More »

Mark Your Calendar!

Mark your calendar now for the resumption of protests directly outside Planet Malm, beginning January 25, 2020. Our first Sunday back will be marked by several special guests, who will be joining us from out of state. We’ll also be filming, as we do now when demonstrating and leafleting, so we’ll be looking for plenty of Grace Episcopal’s… Read More »