Monthly Archives: March 2018

Bob Malm’s Bogus Allegations and Their Effect on the Church and School

One of the truly troubling things about Bob Malm’s antics is his alleged claim, reported to me by a reliable source, that teachers at Grace School fear that I will come in and “shoot up the school.” Besides being utterly ludicrous — I am fully polygraphed, among other things, and have a spotless background — I seriously doubt… Read More »

Bob Malm Announces Protective Order at Grace Vestry Meeting

Never one to shy away from making public his own ill-advised ideas, Bob Malm recently announced his efforts to get a protective order against me at the January 16, 2018 Grace Church vestry meeting, despite admitting in open court that I have not threatened him or anyone else at Grace Church. Meanwhile, his wife Leslie continues to falsely… Read More »

Apparently I’m Not The Only Person to Conclude Bob Malm is Sketch

As I was protesting this morning, a distinguished looking middle-aged gentleman in a grey Toyota SUV parked nearby. He crossed several intersections on foot to come over and ask me about my situation; I replied in very generic terms. His response was that his daughter had attended Grace Episcopal School for several years, and that he was not… Read More »