Monthly Archives: May 2018

Breaking News from the Diocese of Virginia

In an announcement that already is getting considerable pick-up within The Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Virginia has announced that it is terminating its efforts to find a new Bishop suffragan, and will not hold an election to fill the slot. The announcement, found here, makes clear that Bishop Shannon may leave his current position sooner rather than… Read More »

Bob Malm Seeks to Suppress Documentation of His Misconduct

One of the things that is obvious from the emails and other items obtained directly from various third-party sources is that Bob Malm desperately wants to suppress release of documentation related to his misconduct. For example, in several cases Bob, who knows he does not have a whole lot of credibility with folks at the Wartburg Watch, has… Read More »

Further Proof The Episcopal Church Needs Whistleblower Protection

I recently asked a fellow blogger — someone very well known in The Episcopal Church and a delegate to General Convention — about the proposal from the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons’ proposal to include whistleblower protection. Leaving out personally identifiable information, here’s the response (emphasis added): Hi Eric,  I haven’t finished reading the whole SCCC report… Read More »