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Two Years Later, Workplace Culture in The Episcopal Church is Still Broken

In 2016, the Episcopal News Service, reporting on the wake of the firing of several top-level Episcopal Church officials, ran an article outlining findings that workplace culture in Episcopal Church headquarters were seriously troubled. Among the findings reported: That employees found it difficult to do what the considered to be ethical.  Despite that, two years later the church… Read More »

More Sick Comments From Grace Parishioners

Want to see still further proof that Grace Episcopal Church has become toxic? Check out the comments below, which judging from context, come from a parishioner.  Typical crap from the church—any approach except actually addressing misconduct within the parish. It’s telling, too, that members of the church go right to sex when they want to try to discredit… Read More »

Unsubstantiated Allegations of Sexual Harassment by Bob Malm Emerge

There’s an old saying among activists that, if you protest long enough, you will see and hear everything. Today proved that to be the case. While I was out protesting today, a woman pulled up, insisting that we needed to talk. Initially, I ignored her, as I was surrounded by bustling traffic. Eventually, we did strike up a… Read More »

Grace Church: Living Above its Means and the Cost of Not Saving for the Future

Another example of just how dysfunctional Grace Church and Bob Malm are is the church’s budget. Specifically, the fact that the church now hopes to borrow $600,000 to pay for needed updates to its HVAC systems makes clear that its current cost structures are both ill-advised and unsustainable over time, while financial management is mediocre, at best. History… Read More »

Navy Investigates Top Enlisted Sailor for Verbal Abuse; Episcopal Church Says Such Conduct is Unimportant to its Ministry

In a move that shows how out of step with the times The Episcopal Church really is, the US Navy has launched a misconduct investigation into Master Chief Petty Officer Steven Giordano‘s conduct, amidst acccusations that he has been verbally abusive. As a result of the investigation, Giordano has tendered his resignation, according to CNN. The navy’s actions are… Read More »

Here’s What a Church Budget Should Look Like

Earlier, we discussed the hot, dysfunctional mess that has been Grace Church’s financial reporting for most of Bob Malm’s tenure as rector. While some Planet Malm flunkies like to claim that there is “complete financial transparency” at the church, one only has to look at the opaque presentation of budget information, particularly salaries, to know that it is… Read More »

Grace Church’s Dysfunctional Annual “Audit”: Why the Misinformation?

Speaking of dysfunction and questionable cash management/church governance practices, for many years, Grace Episcopal Church has failed to conduct an annual financial audit. Instead, the church did an Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUP), which is two steps down from an audit. What does that mean? In the case of an audit, the accountant provides external assurances that financial reporting is… Read More »