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The Diocese of Oregon Weighs in on Abuse, Shows How Very Wrong Things are at Grace Episcopal

There’s a good discussion about abuse and its implications for The Episcopal Church coming out of the Diocese of Oregon. It’s also very relevant to the present conflict. In salient part: Abuse doesn’t just happen to children. Congregations must learn how to look out for each other and treat one another with respect and dignity, regardless of age,… Read More »

Holland and Knight: You’d Think Someone Would Inject Some Common Sense

In reviewing materials from discovery, it is clear that Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow and Dysfunctional Bob have spent a lot of time looking for a way to file a defamation claim. As part of their efforts, they have been in contact multiple times with the attorneys at Holland and Knight. That raises an interesting question: Why has no one… Read More »

Jeff Chiow and Disciplinary Rule 3.3’s Duty of Remediation

Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s recent motion before the Alexandria Circuit Court, in which he lies by telling the Circuit Court that I have violated the relevant protective order, and by claiming that I was neither a police officer nor a licensed attorney, raises some interesting questions under the attorney disciplinary rules. Most notably, it implicates an attorney’s obligation to… Read More »

See for Yourself: Documentation of Jeff Chiow’s False Allegations

In Jeff Chiow’s most recent pleading, there are a number of false allegations, including whether I was licensed as an attorney and whether I have served as a police officer. Below is documentation that proves both of these allegations to be false. First is a copy of my attorney lookup from Pennsylvania, which correctly shows that I have… Read More »

See for Yourself: Disciplinary Complaint Filed Against Jeff Chiow

As promised, attached is a copy of one of the disciplinary complaints filed against Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow. Similar complaints have been filed in other jurisdictions. In addition to Jeff’s various inflammatory, misleading and prejudicial remarks, he falsely tells the court that there have been violations of the current protective order. But nowhere does he show that I have… Read More »

Coming Soon: Disciplinary Complaint Against Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow

Following Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s latest round of unprofessional and ethically questionable conduct I have decided to file an attorney disciplinary complaint against him. My hope it to have that done later today. Among Jeff’s objectionable behaviors: His continuing use of inflammatory and prejudicial language in his pleadings  His dilatory behavior during discovery His possible use of the legal… Read More »

See for Yourself: Bob Malm Violated Church Canons Requiring Confidentiality

Here’s a good one. In it, Jeff Aaron, then Director of Parish Operations, emails the diocesan intake officer, to forward a bunch of emails to her. In the part that is redacted, he asks about the Title IV disciplinary complaint lodged against Bob Malm—timeframe, when it will be concluded, and what Parkinson thinks of calling my then-employer, St.… Read More »