Monthly Archives: October 2018

More Signs of Trouble from DioVA

As some of you know, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia recently announced that there will not be a vote on a Bishop Provisional at this weekend’s general convention. The news was released immediately following Sunday’s farewell reception for bishop Shannon, held at the Virginia Theological Seminary.  Taken in light of recent events within the diocese, the announcement adds… Read More »

Dysfunctional Bob Malm and Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow: Despicable Conduct in Light of the Synagogue Shootings

Dysfunctional Bob Malm and Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow have much to apologize for following the recent shootings at the Tree of Life Synagogue. Specifically, by attempting to manipulate perceptions — within the parish, within the Alexandria police department, and via their outrageous, inflammatory court filings —- and falsely claiming that criticism of their actions is “domestic terrorism,” they disrespect… Read More »

Catholic Church Gets It; Episcopal Church Remains Clueless

In the midst of the burgeoning Catholic sexual abuse scandal, there is a sad truth that is emerging. Specifically, the Catholics, at least on paper, get that abuse includes many things beyond sexual abuse. The Episcopal Church, and particularly the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, don’t get that. In its recent communique, the Catholic synod noted that abuse takes… Read More »

Not Bloody Likely: Grace Episcopal Church Is Hoping to Get a Commercial Loan for HVAC Capital Expenses

There was a time, not that many years ago, when churches were every commercial loan officer’s dream come true. Flush with cash and regarded as an integral part of the community, churches were like Ma Bell — regarded as a ridiculously safe investment, and one where banks had very few questions that even needed to be asked when… Read More »

Interesting Quote from Catholic Sexual Abuse Case

The recent sentencing of former Catholic priest Wayland Yoder Brown, who was convicted of raping multiple boys while serving as a Catholic priest, brought to light an interesting quote from prosecuting attorney Duffie Stone. The latter says of Brown: “He not only violated the trust of children, but violated their faith. He used the Catholic faith against them,” … Read More »

Vestry Minutes Show Bob Malm Remains Clueless

One of the amusing things in this conflict is to read Grace Church vestry minutes. Specifically, the church almost always tries to shift reality—whether it’s claiming that increased failures of the HVAC systems were unforeseen, that there’s a budget deficit “due to the numbers used for this year’s budget,” or other silliness. In the most recent minutes posted… Read More »

New Sign

One of the best ways to deal with a bully is to make public his or her actions. So, in light of Bob Malm’s inflammatory legal pleadings, drafted by Sugarland Chiow, here is my newest piece of signage. I also plan, later this week, to leaflet areas around the church with similar messaging. If Dysfunctional Bob and Sugarland… Read More »