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It’s Dawning on Folks: Grace Episcopal is in Trouble

One of the things that’s amusing to watch is the slow progression as it gradually dawns on the denizens of Planet Malm (a self-contained planet, pretty to look at, but with an atmosphere of toxic gusts) that the place is in trouble, particularly on the financial front. In 2014, I repeatedly warned Bob, in writing, that my forward-looking… Read More »

See for Yourself: Grace Episcopal Parishioner Contradicts Bob Malm

One of the amusing things about folks at Grace Episcopal is that they not only don’t get it, but they don’t get it. As in, they continue to prove my underlying points: That the parish is toxic. That the parish is Christian in name only. Moreover, folks at the church are so eager to attack others they can’t… Read More »

Resignations for “Personal Reasons” Climb, Possibly Due to Bob Malm’s Weird Claims of “Domestic Terrorism”

Did you notice something about Grace Episcopal Alexandria over the past year? While the place has never been a model of openness and transparency, the past year has seen an increase in the number of resignations for “personal reasons.” Consider: Fanny Belanger resigned for “personal reasons” about the same time as Bob Malm’s abortive effort to drag my… Read More »

Grace Episcopal: Another Amusing and Clueless Review

Amidst the continuing public controversy over Bob Malm’s claims that he’s being pursued by “domestic terrorists,” an older member of the parish recently posted a clueless, amusing, and rather telling review of the parish on Google reviews. I’ll leave the person’s name out, as it’s not germane to this post, but instead focus on the ways in which… Read More »

Grace Episcopal: Photos of Thanksgivings Past

In yet another sign that St. Dysfunction, aka Grace Episcopal Alexandria, is coming unraveled thanks to Bob Malm’s weird claims of being threatened by “domestic terrorism,” the church has announced that there will be no Thanksgiving meal this year. Dinner at the church, for anyone who wanted to come, was a tradition Mike and I started and for… Read More »

See for Yourself: Grace Episcopal Now Claims Armed Guards are Needed at School Due to “Domestic Terrorism”

One of the downsides of Bob Malm’s efforts to shut down criticism by use of inflammatory rhetoric is that someone might actually believe him. That appears to be the case in recent comments by a Grace parishioner, who claims that a family at the school (she calls it a “day school,” which is ironic, as the school has… Read More »

The “Go Kill Yourself” Crowd at St. Dysfunction Returns to the Fray

Following the recent coverage in The Wartburg Watch of Bob Malm’s vendetta against me, the liars and bullies of Grace Church again have felt the need to enter the fray. Attached are screen caps of comments from a parishioner at Grace Episcopal in which, like the clueless resident of Sugarland she is, someone (most likely Lisa Medley), tries to… Read More »