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Proof of Biased Policing at Alexandria and Lying by SGT. Alvarez

More than a month before Dysfunctional Bob’s farewell, I requested a police detail while out protesting. Such details are routinely provided to protesters. I was ignored for four weeks, despite: – Two emails to Sgt. Nick Lions – Three phone calls to Nick Lions. – One email to the city manager. – Two emails to Sgt. Patricio Alvarez.… Read More »

Breaking News: Alexandria Police Department Cancels Church Security Detail

This just in:  The Alexandria police department has rescinded its security detail for Grace Church on Sunday. This follows Dysfunctional Bob Malm’s explosive rage on Russell Road a few months ago, which was directed at me and extremely threatening. Bob’s conduct also was a violation of my express written request to him from December 2017 to have no… Read More »