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Grace Episcopal: Another Great Repost

Earlier, I posted about the recent Virginia Supreme Court decision, in which the court held that even non-hierarchical churches in the state may potentially be liable for negligence when it comes to the actions of their clergy. That’s a problematic ruling, particularly for the diocese, which wants to be hierarchical when it comes to property rights, but wants… Read More »

Additional Allegations Emerge About Bishop Shannon Johnston Covering up Sexual Harassment of Women

One of the valid criticisms of The Episcopal Church is that dioceses all too often function like the personal fiefdoms of their bishops. Yes, bishops are elected, and yes there is an elected standing committee, but bishops, like most bureaucrats, tend to surround themselves with sycophants. And this is nowhere more true than in the Episcopal Diocese of… Read More »

Caroline Parkinson: Title IV Intake Officer Lies in Official Proceedings

One of the troubling things about the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is the lack of personal and organizational integrity at every level. Were these isolated cases, one might write these instances off as honest mistakes. But they have happened repeatedly, and over serious issues. In the case of the Rev. Caroline Parkinson, she at one point stated, in… Read More »

++Justin Welby, the Diocese of Virginia, and Abuse: Casual Indifference, Lying, and Bullying as a Common Thread

It’s been an intertesting day for the Church of England. Today was the final day of hearings by the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse, a commission that is examining the role of the church in child sex abuse. Among those testifying was the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who had been criticized during previous sessions as unfit… Read More »

The Arrogance of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia: A Sign of Decline

It’s amazing, really. At a time when the rate at which The Episcopal Church is shedding members is surpassed only by the losses of the Presbyterian Church USA (and even that is questionable), the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is going pedal-to-the-metal in its efforts to drive away members. How does it do that? Chiefly through its incredible blind… Read More »

The Wartburg Watch Again Covers Grace Church and Bob Malm’s Claims of “Domestic Terrorism”

Bob Malm’s antics, including his efforts to drag a dying woman into court, have again garnered coverage in The Wartburg Watch.  Check it out at http://thewartburgwatch.com/2018/11/13/update-grace-episcopal-church-in-alexandria-virginia-called-former-member-eric-bonetti-a-domestic-terroristand-got-a-protective-order/

More Signs of Trouble from DioVA

As some of you know, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia recently announced that there will not be a vote on a Bishop Provisional at this weekend’s general convention. The news was released immediately following Sunday’s farewell reception for bishop Shannon, held at the Virginia Theological Seminary.  Taken in light of recent events within the diocese, the announcement adds… Read More »

See for Yourself: I Confront the Episcopal Bishops of Virginia over Bob Malm’s Lies to the Circuit Court, Inappropriate Comments

Earlier today, I contacted Bishop Shannon Johnston; Bishop Susan Goff;  and the national intake officer for Title IV, Bishop Todd Ousley via email to alert all involved of Bob Malm’s lies set forth in his most recent court filing. In the filing, sent to the Alexandria Circuit Court, Bob told three lies: That I have violated the existing… Read More »

Breaking News: Reports that Pope Francis Covered Up Abuse Sound Very Much Like Recent Allegations Involving Bishop Shannon Johnston

In recent postings, I discussed allegations that recently surfaced that Episcopal bishop Shannon Johnston may have covered up accusations of sexual harassment involving an Episcopal priest under his supervision. The matter came to a head when the victim filed a complaint against Johnston with the national church. The matter sounds very much like the breaking news involving Pope… Read More »