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Statement by Bishop Adams Underscores Bob Malm’s Hypocrisy

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina recently made an interesting statement apropos the Lawrencian dissidents. The statement underscores the fact that there is absolutely nothing Christian in Bob Malm’s current smear campaign and effort to avoid accountability by falsely claiming that he’s been threatened. Here’s what loyalist bishop Skip Adams said: The break in fellowship within The Episcopal… Read More »

The Financial Fragility of Grace Episcopal Church

Much was made in the closing months of 2017 about the fact that Grace Church has a budget surplus. But this triumphalism is both empty and dangerous for the parish, as it overlooks the parish’s tremendous financial vulnerability. Let me start by saying that parishioners have stepped up their individual pledges by almost 17 percent over the past… Read More »

“The Power of Courageous Leadership”: Laughable Moments in Bob Malm’s Sermon

In a recent sermon, Bob Malm apparently attempts to manage perceptions of his lack of leadership and management skills by telling parishioners that he is reading Nancy Koehn’s book, “Forged in Crisis: The Power of Courageous Leadership in Turbulent Times.” That’s pretty funny, actually, as Koehn’s key messages illustrate just how dismal Bob’s performance as rector really is.… Read More »

Breaking News: 2018 Social Media Seen More Than 500,000 Times!

Social media is a wonderful thing, including its ability to reach the entire world in a matter of minutes. And social media has been a key component in getting word out of Bob Malm’s questionable ethics and conduct, including instructing staff to engage in shunning. Sometime in the next few days, we pass a major milestone, which is… Read More »

Mike Also Asks to be Dropped from all Episcopal Church Records

My husband Mike, who was received into The Episcopal Church during the Great Vigil of 2014, today asked that his name be removed from all church records. The move follows his decision last year to renounce the Christian faith. The decision is based exclusively on Bob Malm’s conduct. As he put it, “Throw my records in the shredder.”… Read More »

Context: I Previously Offered to Settle

As Bob Malm noisily tries to convince the fat cats at Mayo House and the Alexandria police department that I am mean, threatening and mentally ill, true to form he conveniently omits a salient fact, which is that in 2015 I offered to settle our differences. Through Jeff Chiow, Bob turned down my offer, yet now he angrily… Read More »