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Hurricane Alert: Bob Malm Rides a Storm Surge of BS Out the Door

In this month’s Grace Notes, Dysfunctional Bob’s last before retirement, he offers a short blurb about “things left undone,” during his tenure. True to form, it’s an utter piece of BS. Bob only addresses “those things undone” during his so-called “ministry.” While items on that list are myriad, Dysfunctional Bob blithely says he’s tried to make visiting members… Read More »

Bob Malm’s Bogus Allegations and Their Effect on the Church and School

One of the truly troubling things about Bob Malm’s antics is his alleged claim, reported to me by a reliable source, that teachers at Grace School fear that I will come in and “shoot up the school.” Besides being utterly ludicrous — I am fully polygraphed, among other things, and have a spotless background — I seriously doubt… Read More »

Bob Malm and Boundary Issues

As many of you know, I transferred out of Grace Church in August 2017. As a result, Bob Malm is not my priest. Further, none of the legal privileges that clergy hold apropos members applies after that date. What does that mean in practice? Several things. First, it means that internal church communications between, for example, Bob and… Read More »