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TEC Falls Behind the Times in Standards of Pastoral Conduct

Years ago, activists within The Episcopal Church began clamoring for the development of programs to prevent and address sexual misconduct. The move came at a time when the church was struggling to find ways to include those who historically had been marginalized on the basis of gender, national origin, sexual orientation, and other criteria. Many among those groups… Read More »

An Example of a Church Far More Courageous than Grace Church or the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

Here’s a real-life example of just how thoroughly broken Grace Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia are. In this letter, Swansboro Methodist Church speaks out about against a member’s effort to “fat shame” another member. The incident allegedly occurred in a bathroom in the church. The approach of Swansboro Methodist is the polar opposite of that of… Read More »

Grace Episcopal Alexandria: Lessons from a Toxic Church

Growing up, I had preconceived notions about toxic churches. But after my experiences with Grace Episcopal church in Alexandria, I now know that many of my ideas were nothing but stereotypes. As such, these ideas had a kernel of truth, but they missed the larger point. Indeed, I had so little understanding of what really goes on in… Read More »

Bob’s Tantrum Proves What I’ve Said All Along—He’s a Bully!

Consider, for a moment, Bob Malm’s claim that this entire situation is a fabrication on my part. Leaving aside the copious written documentation, and the abysmal conduct of Dysfunctional Bob and Sugarland Chiow in court, Dysfunctional Bob’s recent tantrum proves my underlying point. Anyone who would climb in his vehicle, drive over, climb over, and start screaming and… Read More »

See for Yourself: Mike’s Title IV Disciplinary Complaint Against Bob Malm

Here’s a good one: Mike’s Title IV disciplinary complaint against Bob Malm, after Dysfunctional Bob removed Mike from church membership rolls in order to get at me. Also attached is the church directory from that fall, Mike Jones’ email confirming Bob’s role in these matters, and Bob Malm’s email announcing his decision to force Mike out of the… Read More »