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Bob Malm: Wartburg Watch Tweet Covering His Claim that I am a “Domestic Terrorist” Seen More than 200,000 Times

There’s an old adage in PR: Sometimes, the best way to argue against someone is to use his own words against him. That’s true, and I am circulating widely Bob Malm’s false and ludicrous courtroom claims that I am a “domestic terrorist.” As of yesterday, my tweet announcing the Wartburg Watch article on this topic has been seen… Read More »

Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s Inflammatory Rhetoric Comes Back to Bite Planet Malm

Last Sunday, when I got home from protesting at Dysfunctional Bob’s favorite intersection (which he fondly refers to as “Dysfunction Junction”), I discovered something startling: Hits on my blog had soared to more than 400 an hour during my hours of protest. The secret? I was carrying my sign alerting the public to the bogus claim, originating with… Read More »

The Wartburg Watch Again Covers Grace Church and Bob Malm’s Claims of “Domestic Terrorism”

Bob Malm’s antics, including his efforts to drag a dying woman into court, have again garnered coverage in The Wartburg Watch.  Check it out at http://thewartburgwatch.com/2018/11/13/update-grace-episcopal-church-in-alexandria-virginia-called-former-member-eric-bonetti-a-domestic-terroristand-got-a-protective-order/