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Bob Malm: Witness Tampering?

The issue of witness tampering is, of course, in the news these days following Mueller’s announcement that Paul Manafort may be attempting to improperly influence witnesses. How did Mueller did this? By allegedly sending encrypted texts via Whatsapp trying to get in touch with witnesses in an apparent effort to influence their testimony. That raises the question, “Have… Read More »

A Blast from the Past: Third-Party Observers Describe Parishioners’ Behavior as “Hateful and Childish”

“While they seem sane to themselves, the seem immature and hateful to outsiders who are looking at their behavior.” An excellent observation, and one that I believe applies to numerous parishioners in this situation. Screen cap from comments on original Wartburg Watch article about Bob Malm’s abusive behavior.

Looking Ahead to 2019: More Protests and Possible Lawsuits

As we get ready to move into 2019, protests continue over Dysfunctional Bob Malm’s conduct, as well as that of Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow. Look for me and others at: 1) King and Seminary aka Dysfunction Junction aka Malm Square(d)2) the monument at Braddock and Russell Road3) the front of MOM’s4) the intersection of Commonwealth and Mount Vernon avenues.5)… Read More »

Breaking News: Additional Lawsuit Possible Against Grace Episcopal, Diocese, Malm Family, Vestry Members

Shortly after Christmas, I will be out of town for several days to meet with attorneys and other potential plaintiffs to a multi-party lawsuit against Grace Episcopal Church, Dysfunctional Bob and his family, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, vestry members (both as officers of the organization and in their individual capacities) and several specific members of the parish.… Read More »

Leslie Malm Again Underscores the Fact that Grace Episcopal is Toxic

In a recent posting on Fairfax Underground, Leslie Malm again demonstrated that Grace Episcopal Church is both toxic and paranoid. In her posts, Leslie makes a number of assertions, including that: The “Grace Episcopal Philosoraptor” post and meme are mine. That this is all about the fact I wasn’t asked to be senior warden. That she hasn’t written… Read More »