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Bob Malm Allegedly Ignored Bank Complaints that Church Deposits Were Repeatedly Off

Almost 200K a year in compensation and he can’t be bothered to find out why? And why were several thousand dollars’ worth of undeposited cash and stale checks found in a former parish administrator’s office when she left? Why was this not detected before she left? Why after almost 30 years as rector does the church STILL not… Read More »

See for Yourself: Mike’s Email to the Grace Episcopal Vestry Prior to Renouncing Christianity

Mike sent this email as a result of two events: The deliberate and illegal misuse of the flowers he donated in memory of his mother, which was done based on Bob Malm’s directions (and confirmed by Lisa Doelp) and Amy Medrick’s email telling Mike that the church would no longer accept his donations. Predictably enough, the St. Dysfunction… Read More »

See for Yourself: Bob Malm and the Misuse of Funds

Here’s an oldie but goodie. During 2015, we made a number of donations to Grace Church, both for operating funds and for flowers in memory of deceased family members. None of these appeared in the church bulletin as required under the terms of the solicitation. Subsequently, when members of the flower guild investigated, they found that Bob Malm… Read More »