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Grace Episcopal: Another Great Repost

Earlier, I posted about the recent Virginia Supreme Court decision, in which the court held that even non-hierarchical churches in the state may potentially be liable for negligence when it comes to the actions of their clergy. That’s a problematic ruling, particularly for the diocese, which wants to be hierarchical when it comes to property rights, but wants… Read More »

See for Yourself: Bob Malm Claims the Right to Decide Who Has Freedom of Speech

Here’s a great email from Bob Malm to diocesan officials, in which we see several things: Bob prattling on about how “we can’t allow” people to protest or criticize the church. Bob attempting to inflame the issue by referring to shootings in other states, and possibly imaginary encounters with parishioners. Bob demonstrating what appears to be paranoia, as… Read More »

See for Yourself: Another Email from Bob Malm Lobbying the Diocese and Demonstrating Questionable Veracity

In this email, Bob pulls in a reference to a church shooting in Chattanooga as he tries to inflame fears within the church. He also falsely represents our exchange of email from the previous summer when I offered to try to mediate this conflict. We did not, at any point, discuss a public forum, nor did we discuss… Read More »

Rumors About Bishop Shannon

Someone recently asked me about +Shannon, and rumors swirling about the abrupt news of his departure, as well as the recent departure of other key personnel in the diocese. Specifically, I was asked if the allegations about +Shannon potentially covering up a case of sexual harassment have anything to do with another recent departure, presumably that of Pat… Read More »