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See for Yourself: Mike’s Title IV Disciplinary Complaint Against Bob Malm

Here’s a good one: Mike’s Title IV disciplinary complaint against Bob Malm, after Dysfunctional Bob removed Mike from church membership rolls in order to get at me. Also attached is the church directory from that fall, Mike Jones’ email confirming Bob’s role in these matters, and Bob Malm’s email announcing his decision to force Mike out of the… Read More »

Shunning: Often the Most Obvious Sign of an Abusive Church

There’s a good article on shunning on the Open Mind Foundation’s website. In the article, the author correctly notes that shunning is often the most obvious sign that a church is abusive—which should be food for thought for anyone considering getting involved at St. Dysfunction, aka Grace Episcopal in Alexandria, and rector Bob Malm’s fun and games, which… Read More »

See for Yourself: Mike’s Email to the Grace Episcopal Vestry Prior to Renouncing Christianity

Mike sent this email as a result of two events: The deliberate and illegal misuse of the flowers he donated in memory of his mother, which was done based on Bob Malm’s directions (and confirmed by Lisa Doelp) and Amy Medrick’s email telling Mike that the church would no longer accept his donations. Predictably enough, the St. Dysfunction… Read More »

Catholic Church Abuse and Grace Church: Striking Similarities

Over the past several weeks, I’ve provided extensive coverage of the abuse scandal in the Catholic church in other media outlets and fora. As I’ve written about this topic, one thing has become increasingly clear to me, which is that the organizational and interpersonal dynamics underlying the Catholic church’s abusive behavior, and those behind abusive conduct at Grace… Read More »

The Irony of Life at St. Dysfunction

In all of this, there’s a great irony, which is that Bob has thus far gotten everything he wanted. Bob wanted Mike and me out of Grace Church. We have both left the Christian faith, so that goal was accomplished. Bob wanted a protective order and the court awarded him that. No problem there—there’s no sum of money… Read More »