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And the Tweet Goes On!

As the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and Dysfunctional Bob do their best to silence, smear, and marginalize me, I got a very kind tweet today from from my Twitter buddy, Dr. Vicky. And yes, us whistleblowers stick together. We will not tolerate church hierarchies that try to shut us down. So, the tweet goes on!

Easter Advertising Starts This Weekend

Although Easter is late this year, we’ll be launching relevant paid advertising across various media starting this weekend, with a heavy emphasis on social media. Themes center on Bob Malm’s infamous quote, “Jesus is Truth,” Bob’s various lies and misrepresentations (including falsely telling the court that I have violated the existing court order), the meaning of Easter, and… Read More »

Social Media Update: Busy, Busy, Busy!

As I mentioned, this blog is only one part of my effort to share with the public details on what they may experience should they make the decision to become involved with St. Dysfunction Grace Episcopal Church, Bob Malm’s “ministry,” and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. With that in mind, here are some details about just one aspect of… Read More »

Breaking News: 2018 Social Media Seen More Than 500,000 Times!

Social media is a wonderful thing, including its ability to reach the entire world in a matter of minutes. And social media has been a key component in getting word out of Bob Malm’s questionable ethics and conduct, including instructing staff to engage in shunning. Sometime in the next few days, we pass a major milestone, which is… Read More »