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Positive Signs at St. Dysfunction, aka Grace Church

As Grace church begins the lengthy process of transition, there are some positive signs. The church, diocese, and vestry deserve kudos for these changes.First and foremost, we see the wardens and vestry finally assuming their proper role under the Episcopal canons. Instead of Bob Malm personally choosing the executive committee, which is a violation of the canons, and… Read More »

Fanny Belanger and the Winds of Change at Grace Episcopal Church Alexandria

As most members of St. Dysfunction aka Grace Episcopal Church know, Fanny Belanger is leaving as assistant rector of the parish after one year. The news probably spells further bad news for the church. In times of trouble, it’s important to maintain stability. We saw that happen, for example, at St. Thomas’ McLean, when following the abrupt departure… Read More »

See for Yourself: Bob Malm’s Campaign of Shunning and Harassment Continues to Erode Church Participation

The Episcopal Church’s national offices, often referred to as “815” after the building number of church headquarters in Manhattan, recently published figures from the 2017 annual report, which must be filed on a yearly basis by all parishes in the church. The data reveals that Bob Malm’s campaign of shunning and harassment continues to negatively impact the parish.… Read More »