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See for Yourself: Vestry Talking Points Demonstrate Questionable Veracity

When you elect people to a church vestry or board, you expect them to be honest and diligent, right? Well, in the case of the Grace Church vestry, you’d have just cause to ask tough questions about the former. Attached is the vestry talking points document circulated about this conflict. In it are several questionable assertions: The document… Read More »

See for Yourself: Bob Malm Refers to Me as a “Sad Individual, Starving for Attention” in an Email to the St. Dysfunction Vestry

Here we have another email in which Bob Malm tries to discredit me by referring to me as a “sad individual, starved for attention.” That’s a curious claim, since I state in writing in December 2017 that I wanted no further contact from Bob Malm. As always, we see a total lack of appropriate pastoral presence on Bob… Read More »

The Irony of Life at St. Dysfunction

In all of this, there’s a great irony, which is that Bob has thus far gotten everything he wanted. Bob wanted Mike and me out of Grace Church. We have both left the Christian faith, so that goal was accomplished. Bob wanted a protective order and the court awarded him that. No problem there—there’s no sum of money… Read More »