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Bob Malm’s Claims That Grace is Threatened by Domestic Terrorism: Harmful to Children?

The Washington Post recently ran an article that was syndicated nationwide, “How many American children have hidden from gun violence?” The article examined the prevalence of lockdown drills, used to prepare students and staff for a possible active shooter, and the pyschological effect these drills have on children. The conclusion: Such drills, while perhaps necessary, can be profoundly… Read More »

Grace Episcopal’s Claim that It’s Threatened by “Domestic Terrorism” Now Seen More Than 106,000 Times

One of the reasons to carefully consider the hazards and risks of litigation, both before going down that path, and while mapping out litigation strategy, is that today’s inflammatory rhetoric may be part of tomorrow’s press release.  If nothing else, a prudent attorney recognizes that court filings are matters of public record, and inevitably will reflect on both… Read More »