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Caroline Parkinson: Title IV Intake Officer Lies in Official Proceedings

One of the troubling things about the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is the lack of personal and organizational integrity at every level. Were these isolated cases, one might write these instances off as honest mistakes. But they have happened repeatedly, and over serious issues. In the case of the Rev. Caroline Parkinson, she at one point stated, in… Read More »

Termination of DioVA Search for Bishop Provisional Underscores Problems in Diocese

As members of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia know, the diocese recently announced that it has ended its search for a bishop transitional, or interim bishop to serve for a three-year period following Bishop Shannon Johnston’s retirement. For those of us who have been following events, the announcement is far from unexpected. As I have said many times, there have… Read More »

Despite Seven Months of Litigation and a Court Order, Episcopal Priest Bob Malm Still Refuses to Specify How He Was “Threatened”

As if there were any doubt that Episcopal priest Bob Malm’s true motive in filing a civil request for a protective order against me, a former parishioner, was to try to suppress criticism, the following excerpt from my recent court filing eloquently underscores this conclusion. This conclusion is bolstered by numerous emails, in which Bob attempts to find… Read More »

Holland and Knight: You’d Think Someone Would Inject Some Common Sense

In reviewing materials from discovery, it is clear that Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow and Dysfunctional Bob have spent a lot of time looking for a way to file a defamation claim. As part of their efforts, they have been in contact multiple times with the attorneys at Holland and Knight. That raises an interesting question: Why has no one… Read More »

Bob Malm’s Micro-Aggressions: Part of His Malevolent Games

For those of you unfortunate enough to still have to deal with Dysfunctional Bob and his little games, I have a tip for you: Look for his micro-aggressions. A favorite tactic of persons with narcissistic personality disorder, micro-aggressions are the petty slights and offenses that, taken individually, seem innocuous to a third party, but viewed as a pattern… Read More »

Breaking News: Reports that Pope Francis Covered Up Abuse Sound Very Much Like Recent Allegations Involving Bishop Shannon Johnston

In recent postings, I discussed allegations that recently surfaced that Episcopal bishop Shannon Johnston may have covered up accusations of sexual harassment involving an Episcopal priest under his supervision. The matter came to a head when the victim filed a complaint against Johnston with the national church. The matter sounds very much like the breaking news involving Pope… Read More »

See for Yourself: Another Example of Attorney Jeff Chiow’s Questionable Conduct

Following is another example of attorney Jeff Chiow’s ethically questionable conduct. The screen cap that follows, taken from Jeff’s Motion for Reconsideration filed as part of his effort to subpoena my mother, dying of COPD, into court, documents two aspect’s of Jeff’s possible misconduct: In the first highlighted section, Jeff may be attempting to mislead the court. Specifically,… Read More »