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Positive Signs at St. Dysfunction, aka Grace Church

As Grace church begins the lengthy process of transition, there are some positive signs. The church, diocese, and vestry deserve kudos for these changes.First and foremost, we see the wardens and vestry finally assuming their proper role under the Episcopal canons. Instead of Bob Malm personally choosing the executive committee, which is a violation of the canons, and… Read More »

See for Yourself: Email from Kelly Gable to Senior Warden Lorna Worley

Here is an email from Kelly Gable to Lorna Worley about this conflict. While it’s characteristically verbose, it’s interesting in that Kelly takes a much more rational approach than most members of St. Dysfunction, and avoids the usual ad hominem attacks.  There’s also a notable reference to transparency in the email. As I’ve said many times, one big… Read More »